WOO HOO, Here We Come to a Boutique Near You!

WOO HOO, Here We Come to a Boutique Near You!
As you may have seen on our social media, we recently brought undergoodies and a good dose of New Orleans cheer to Curve New York, the largest intimates/swimwear show in North America. This was our first lingerie show ever, so not knowing exactly what to expect, we went in with the simple goals to represent undergoodies and New Orleans in a way that would make you proud, to have a great time, and to learn.

This is THE show; THE brands from around the world attend Curve, including Cosabella, Chantelle, Wacoal, Panache, Commando...you get the idea. And undergoodies was there, playing our favorite New Orleans music, passing out Mardi Gras beads and tiny bottles of Tabasco, and spreading the undergoodies gospel to buyers from all over the U.S., Canada, Central America and the Caribbean.

"Can we show you our undergoodies?" was our constant question to buyers passing by, usually rushing between their appointments with the big brands. More often than not, the answer was yes! We stood out - because of the New Orleans sparkle and color and sound (and yes, frequent dancing) - but mostly because, as the wearers among you know, there was nothing else like undergoodies slip shorts and panties + slips at the show. We received nearly constant feedback about this. The experts - lingerie store owners across North America - get it and agree that we are bringing real solutions to the people.

To tell you the outcome, I’ll tell you by jumping for joy while I tell you that we’ll soon be adding a store locator to our website! Lingerie boutiques from Houston and Dallas to Portland (OR)(so far), Kansas City, Memphis, Charlotte, and Calgary, at least, will soon be carrying undergoodies, along with more stores in Louisiana, yay! I’m a big believer in trying on jeans, swimwear, and undergoodies before you buy, and I’m so excited to bring this opportunity to more and more of you via your local stores.

The Curve experience was an overall beautiful one for many reasons. In addition to the delights of New York City, the tone of Curve was palpably sweet and supportive. Women supporting women, with many respectful men sprinkled in, can make real magic, and this was absolutely the case at Curve.

On that note, we want to give a shout out here to our show neighbor, Derrica and her luxurious line Xzood Sleepwear (@xzood_sleepwear) The colors are gorgeous (and inspired my desired future exterior house colors in my beloved neighborhood which supports colorful paint choices). In between show and tell with buyers, we talked with one another. Starting a fashion line is a colossal amount of work, and it’s always nice to commiserate with others doing the same. To admit the cycles of feeling overwhelmed, bursting into tears whenever, and the highs that come with it all is quite cathartic, but this sounds like a Love Letter for another day …

In peace, Love, & undergoodies,