About undergoodies

I designed undergoodies to provide cool, comfortable, and complete coverage under dresses and skirts.

We’ve made them SO cute and comfortable, our customers also wear undergoodies to lounge and sleep in ... and as outerwear. Maybe they won't just complete your outfits ... maybe they'll transform them!

While undergoodies are already versatile, stay tuned…there are matching tops and new stylish and solution-oriented pieces in the works.

We are HQ'd in New Orleans, Louisiana, and all of our undergoodies are made with Love at women-owned facilities in Louisiana and Texas.

We strive for 100% soft, stretchy comfort, in sizes 0-6 (xs-xxxl), and we invite all shapes, colors, ages, and genders of bodies to find their cutest comfort in undergoodies.

We Love to help you find your best styles, colors, and sizes in our online store, or you can try on undergoodies at more and more lingerie and clothing boutiques across the US and Canada.

Know a boutique that’d be a perfect fit? Let us (and them!) know.

We are grateful for and inspired by our customers - you are our guides and your stylish comfort is our highest priority. The sooner we take the fundamental worry of a base layer off of your list, the sooner you can get out there and blow our minds like you do.

And if your undergoodies put a little extra strut into it, well that’s just peaches!