undergoodies: Your first layer of Comfort and Style

undergoodies: Your first layer of Comfort and Style

Born in the vibrant, joyful culture of New Orleans and inspired by a desire for a modernized slip alternative, undergoodies are revolutionizing the way we wear undergarments. Here’s an introduction to undergoodies, their standout features, and how they're changing the fashion landscape from the bottom up!

What are undergoodies?

undergoodies are not just undergarments; they're a lifestyle shift. They blend the concept of slip shorts and hybrid panty/slips with the return of feminine lace details, offering full coverage without sacrificing style or comfort. Imagined from the nostalgic essence of vintage slips and a dream of breathable, hassle-free wear, undergoodies are designed to skim rather than squeeze your body, allowing a freedom of movement unheard of in traditional shapewear.

Breaking the Color Code

Why limit our undergarments to black, white, or beige? undergoodies challenge this convention with an array of colors that add a splash of fun and personality to your wardrobe. undergoodies remind us that covered can indeed be sexy, and that your most intimate layer should reflect your personal style.



Comfort Without Constriction

The question undergoodies pose is clear: Why choose discomfort if it's not necessary? In a world where lingerie often equates to skimpy and revealing, undergoodies offer a refreshing narrative. They are all about giving you that grab-and-go, easy-care option that cools and breathes instead of squeezes and traps heat. Made from fabrics and trims that are always soft and stretchy, they respect your body's need for a gentle touch.

Versatility at its Best

From sheer skirts and high slits to short dresses challenged by the wind, undergoodies have you covered—literally. They're perfect for dancing, lounging, sleeping, and even as outerwear that seamlessly integrates into your day-to-day life. With the ability to color-coordinate and change up fits, a simple black dress can adopt numerous personas with the switch of your undergoodies.

Embracing the Outerwear Revolution

undergoodies are setting a new standard in the fashion industry, challenging the notion that undergarments are only meant to be hidden. Unlike traditional shapewear or intimates, which many might feel self-conscious about if revealed, undergoodies are crafted to be seen and celebrated. This unique blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal has caught the eye of fashion-forward individuals who dare to wear them as outerwear.

With their exquisite lace details and striking color palette, undergoodies transition effortlessly from an underlayer to a standout piece in any outfit. They represent a bold statement in the fashion world, where the lines between private and public, intimate and exposed, are playfully blurred. This trend is not just about breaking fashion rules; it's about rewriting them entirely. undergoodies empower wearers to flaunt their style with confidence, turning everyday moments into everyday fashion statements.

The rise of undergoodies as outerwear embraces a broader cultural shift towards versatility and self-expression in clothing. Whether paired with a blazer for a chic city look or worn alone for a breezy beach vibe, undergoodies adapt to various contexts and settings, proving that comfort and style can go hand in hand. This innovative approach to fashion invites everyone to rethink how we perceive and wear undergarments, making undergoodies a pioneering force in the journey toward more liberated and expressive fashion choices.

More than Just Underwear

undergoodies come with thoughtful features like a secret pocket in our Honey and Sugar lines, proving that these pieces are designed with real-life utility in mind. They embody a wildly versatile nature, transitioning from daywear to evening to loungewear without missing a beat.



Inclusivity and Local Pride

Embracing bodies of all shapes, colors, ages, and genders, undergoodies range from XS to XXXL. Proudly woman-owned and rooted in the joy and expressive freedom of New Orleans, undergoodies are crafted with Love in women-owned facilities in the American South. This commitment to local, ethical production ensures each piece is not only stylish and comfortable but also imbued with the spirit of its origins.

A New Kind of First Layer

Undergoodies are redefining the base layer, offering a new kind of first layer that prioritizes stylish comfort. As we expand our line to include matching tops and new pieces, the evolution of undergoodies continues to excite and inspire.

In embracing undergoodies, you're not just choosing an undergarment; you're choosing a timeless, thoughtfully designed piece that celebrates freedom, comfort, and personal expression. They’re more than a product; they’re a movement towards a more comfortable, stylish, and inclusive world of fashion. Dance, lounge, travel, and live in undergoodies, and experience the revolution in intimate wear.