Falling in Love ... with undergoodies ... and with Ourselves

pantislip halfslip black floral lace comfort mini

I just fell in Love with undergoodies, again. 

Whether you have fallen for them too or if you’re still in the curious / tempted / maybe-even-confused stage, we are excited to tell you that we have just stocked our racks with gorgeous new colors and restocks of best selling slip shorts and panty-slips that had sold out. 

I hope you share my delight at these new pieces - maybe especially the new Pearls, “Black Garden” and “White & Yellow Daisy” and "The Hot Cherry Pearl." They are joy inspiring!

I wish you could have seen my face when I opened this shipment from the factory. I don’t have full samples sewn up in every color combo before I have them made, so so far there’s always some one-eyed-box-opening followed by wide-eyed delight when I see them fully formed in all their game changing glory. 

We say it over and over - your underthings do not have to (always) be plain, black, white, or beige.  Here’s your chance to freshen things up with some truly fabulous colors!

That being said, I’m also surprisingly thrilled with the new White Pearl and the new White Honey - they are true classics, and my Love for them is true. My new White Honey is already giving my ol' workhorse Biscuit Honey a run for her money - this new gal is creamy and cool, fits me perfectly, and is a fresh and elegant summer base layer. 

I gotta admit I also wish you could have seen my face when I peeked in the mirror when trying on the new Hot Cherry Pearl. This is the face I Love to see on customers when they (you!) try on undergoodies! It’s a “Wait, that’s me!?” face. Yeah, girl, that’s you! There is some powerful transformative magic in seeing ourselves anew at the beginning of a day ...  an evening ... an era ... or an outfit.

A beautiful firecracker-always-making-the-world-better customer just told me she's been working on her Pearl product review for a couple months now. She was verbally ruminating over it last week and told me that wearing a Pearl always makes her take a moment to herself. She said something like, “Whenever I’m wearing a Pearl and I’m out and go to the restroom, I pause and I smooth and admire the Pearl - and me in it. I find that I am kinder to myself right then and exit the ladies’ room walking a bit struttier than I would otherwise.” Can you imagine my face when I heard THAT!? Write it down, girl! 

Let’s get YOU in THAT face.! I always say this lil biz of mine consistently proves to ultimately be about Love and comfort and self care, and here she articulated this tangible daily version of all of this via our Pearl.

Another dynamo-force-of-life-and-fashion customer told me that her body has changed in the last few months, and while too many of us know what kind of challenges this can present for our heads and hearts when it comes to self Love and acceptance, she told me that her undergoodies have remained comfortable and flattering and have kept her inspired to stay stylish and fabulous. An everyday companion to brighten and comfort you unconditionally? Yes, please!

If you haven’t embraced the airy magic of undergoodies, what better time than spring to add some new color and extreme comfort to your life - and your closet - as we head into the heat of summer? They are the lightest, coolest and prettiest version of "shorts" to wear under dresses. (I just put my Honey slip shorts to the test on a hot day at Jazz Fest and promise the anti-chafing and quick-dry charm is real!) It's pretty nice to come home, lose the dress, and cool off in undergoodies, too.

If you are a happy customer, we thank you, and we'd Love to hear what you Love about your undergoodies -  and anything you don’t. Write it down, girl! Your reviews and testimonials are invaluable to those new to the brand, and to us in bringing you the very best lingerie for every day.

In gratitude, peace, & undergoodies,