On Being Thoroughly Comfortable

On Being Thoroughly Comfortable

Hey, Comfortable, Thoughtful, Stylish People!

Not long ago, within one week or so, three different friends brought up to me how much they value products being produced domestically by people who are paid and treated well. I knew from the start there would be no other way for me; I’m in the business of comfort, after all, and in a world of too much too fast fashion, I insist on being 100% comfortable in every way with every step of the undergoodies process. 

In the middle of that same week, I stopped by the factory in Dallas where undergoodies are made. Sonrise Apparel Services is owned a perpetually cheerful woman named Nicole, who inspires me and makes me giggle every single time I talk to her. (And, while I was there, I dropped off some beeeyooouuutiful stretch lace for your next pair of undergoodieeeeees!)

Dynamo Production Manager, Rosie, brings her baby daughter to work with her every day, and I watched this baby work the workplace magic that only babies and dogs can. And then Papa joyfully came and picked her up at the end of his workday.

Another employee, Kessi, left for a few minutes to pick up her two school-age sons and bring them back to the factory for the end of her shift. While I was heading out to catch my ride to the airport, the older son sweetly helped me with my bags. 

What if every employer facilitated the workplace working this well with the rest of life?! I Loved seeing it in real time.

When you purchase undergoodies, you’ll receive quality, ethically made, easy-care, elevated underthings that will come in eco-friendly packaging, and will last you a long time (and make you walk differently … in the best way). I promise you it feels really good to put that kind of thoughtfulness next to your skin every day.

In additional exciting news, we are beginning work with a woman-owned design support firm right here in New Orleans. More on this soon!

We’d Love to know what you think / feel about keeping a close eye on the whole process - we make these garments for you (well, and for me) and always value your input.

Happy Mardi Gras & Happy Everyday Twirling!
In gratitude, peace, and undergoodies,