Oh, hi you!
Ohmiword, do we have some Happy New Year news for you ...

... drum rollllllllll ... 
We've changed our name! We are now

and our new website home is

You see, we've learned - that because our undergoodies are so
innovative and revolutionary (if we do say so ourselves) - 
shoppers haven't always understood what they were looking at
on our website, or even that our undergoodies are in fact: underwear.

And we get it; undergoodies are a whole new idea of underwear.
As you probably know, we create them to be the perfect solution 
under dresses and skirts,  and yet our undergoodies are so comfortable,
you are loving them as lounge / sleepwear too - quite the comfort testimonial!

And as you have likely witnessed, our undergoodies are so stylish,
many of our fashionistas rock them in plain view as part of their outfits, too.
(Shout out to the bold babes who love to show some serious leg!)

And so we evolve, and to the goal of educating and opening minds
to new possibilities, our whole shebang is called undergoodies.

We've changed our name, but our comfort and style remain.
undergoodies are still “have it all” options for modern people
of all sizes, shapes, colors, ages, genders, and styles.
No matter who you are or how you dress, you deserve
to feel cool, comfortable, and stylish, every day.

As always, we’re women-owned and women-made
in the American South, our undergoodies are sewn with Love 
and made to last, and some of them have pockets!!

Spring is coming - when the world bursts forth with color and life, and
we bet if you get into some comfy, darling new undergoodies,
you will burst forth with color and life, too! 

In gratitude, love, and undergoodies,

Founder & Owner