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Born of history and function, Magnolia brings smoothing but not shaping comfort, easy care, & a playful attitude under skirts and dresses. Fashioned of soft & airy stretch nylon and hand-picked trimmings, Magnolias are polished with French seams.

Also for lounging and sleeping, and we've heard tell of a dog walker sporting her Magnolia on particularly strutty mornings.

Each Magnolia is hand-finished to be one of a kind. Please embrace the perfect imperfections of hand-customization with rare and smashing trims. Magnolias are magical. Depending on the finish, enjoy the wide, flowy semi-opacity of a half slip - or the modesty of bike shorts - but with loads more style - and air conditioning!

Please use the size chart and when in doubt, size down.

Get the Magnolia(s) you love while you can!  We are unable to duplicate or take special orders for Magnolias (but please message us about bulk custom orders).